Bar House #1

22 Juin 2009
Bar House #1

Vision - Nature Love (Original Mix)
A Taste Of The Honeys - Essential (Mr. V's Essential Mix)
Culoe De Song - The Bright Forest
Filippo Fedetto Ft. Midnite Fellas - A Good Time (Peter Pleser Straight to the Floor Remix)
Jay West - Loves Me Not
Pete Moss Feat Judy Albanesse - Should I Part 1 (Original)
Jake Island Ft. Alec Sun Dre - Can You Feel It (Fred Everything Lazy Days Vox)
Quell - It Gives Me Thrills
Funloaders - Rawket
DJ Dealer - Joyride (Matthew Bandy Remix)
Craig Hamilton & Esteban Carra - The G-Show
DJ Dealer - The Big Sexy (Dream Mix)
Little Man Big - Shine
Funk Mediterraneo - Lessons Of Plane (JT Donaldson Remix)
Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera - I'm For Real
The Rurals - The Music
DJ Sneak - All Over My Face 08 (Original)
Scope - Tama Lounge (Original Mix)
Chris Harris & Dom Martin - Jazz On The Block
M Sadler & Arnaud D Ft. MJ White - Sweet Innocence (Spiritual Blessings Deep in Love Remix)
Harrison Crump - Once Again (Rocco House Mix)

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